Gareth Calway
I am the author and actor-manager of Room at the Gin productions, a Norfolk-based company with ‘home’ venues at the Gin Trap, Ringstead and Marriott’s Warehouse, King’s Lynn. I specialise in tours of East Anglia telling stories from the region in well-received collaborations with actors and musicians as well as in one man shows, typically on historical themes. These include
  • Cromwell’s Talking Head; Tom and Harry (about the men in Anne Boleyn’s life)
  • The Clash Between Boudicca and Rome
  • Aethelred The Unready For Anything
  • From Creation to Cromer
  • It All Comes Out In The Wash
  • Beat Music: It Was 50 Years Ago Today
  • Hall Tales: The Laughing Cavalier of Hunstanton and the Wily Whig of Houghton
  • Wild (Norfolk) Women (spooken word and spooky folk, with the Familiars duo)
  • Free The Green Man
and the large production in association with Marriott’s Warehouse Trust - Margery Kempe of Lynn: A Visionary’s Tale.

Though I have published volumes of poetry and novels – including Bound For Jamaica (Collins) – I prefer to perform it by heart live and to the beat of a drum live in folk clubs and on Folkspot radio or as a story teller with an audience in front of me. I am folk correspondent for the Lynn News, a music and theatre reviewer for the EDP and write history and performance features for both.
Contact: Gareth Calway, Ancyrian, Cole Green, Sedgeford, Norfolk, PE36 5LS
Telephone: 01485 571828 mobile 07527 943820
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Web pages:

‘Wonderful local flavour for our 2013 festival’ (Andy Wall, Ely Folk Festival Director

Cromwell’s Talking Head ‘Thanks, Andy. I laughed my head off.’

Tom and Harry 2013 tour. ‘Hands off Master Wyatt. She’s mine!’

‘We’d all love to change your head.’ Beat Music at the Gin on the 50th anniversary of She Loves You reaching No. 1. (Sep 12 2013)

Beat music at Fine City Sounds, Norwich, with the Hendrixian John William.

On top of the world with the Familiars at Castle Acre

Spoken Word, Spooky Folk and Wild (Norfolk) Women tour 2014. With Tom Conway and Joanna Swan.

Singing Eight Days A Week with John.